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Dr. Slick Standard Clamp 4"
Dr. Slick Standard Clamp 4"
Our Price: $13.99

Designed to handle all your streamside tasks like hook removal, barb crushing, and closing shot.

Dr. Slick Barb Crushing Scissor Clamp 4.75"
Dr. Slick Barb Crushing Scissor Clamp 4.75"
Our Price: $16.99

Designed to crush barbs and work with small flies. This clamp features a heavy box blade scissor for cutting really stout materials. A smooth-jawed more powerful version of the popular scissor clamps.

Dr. Slick Split Shot Clamp 5"
Dr. Slick Split Shot Clamp 5"
Our Price: $17.50

Designed to open and close all sizes and materials of split shot. One jaw is shaped like a triangle/wedge and the other jaw has two recesses to hold the shot. Simply place the shot in the recess and close the clamp. The triangular/wedge jaw will open the shot in one smooth motion. A small gap exists between the jaws to ensure no mashing or cutting of tippet. Jaw tips are smooth and can be used for closing the shot. Recessed jaw is colored for ease of use. Also handles all usual stream-side tasks making it one of the most innovative clamps we have ever designed.

Loon Micro Forceps
Loon Micro Forceps
Our Price: $17.95

Strong and durable hemostats complete with a cutting edge, these are the
perfect option for the minimalist who wants all of the function at half
of the size
Loon Rogue Scissor Forceps
Loon Rogue Scissor Forceps
Our Price: $19.95

Large, durable hemostats equipped with a cutting edge to maximize
versatility. Handles include comfy grip for added traction, even when
Dr. Slick Mitten Clamp 5.5"
Dr. Slick Mitten Clamp 5.5"
Our Price: $19.99

No finger loops here! This series was designed for angling in cold weather where gloves or mittens are the norm, or for tangling with big fish. If you’ve ever had your knuckles mashed by a powerful fish, the beauty of these clamps becomes apparent. Excellent for salmon and steelheaders.

Rogue Mitten Scissor Clamp
Loon Rogue Mitten Scissor Clamp
Our Price: $20.95

Made of the highest quality surgical steel, they are precise enough to
use year ’round, but designed to be used while wearing gloves or
mittens. Mitten Clamps are open and closed with the same squeezing
motion, making clipping them to a pack or vest extra convenient.
Loon Rogue Quickdraw Forceps
Loon Rogue Quickdraw Forceps
Our Price: $24.95

The ultimate hemostat, thoughtfully designed from the tips to the jaws
to the handle. The tight angles and engineered shape accommodate all fly
sizes, allow for easy hook removal, and can crimp even the heaviest of
barbs. Oversized thumb and finger holes accommodate large or gloved
hands, and the compact cutting surface easily clips light or heavy
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